ESA – Excellentia Superior Animus

ESA, the acronym of Excellentia Superior Animus, is a business network consisting on Entrepreneurs, Associations, Facilities and professional business men. All together, they have in common one precise goal to achieve: the promotion of the Appennino Tosco – Emiliano land through the multi theme network ECO FUTURO APPENNINO. This includes Eco Technologies, Eco Tourism and Eco Transports.

This project comes from an extraordinary job that lasted more than 6 years, done by the Association ABC – Appennino Cultural Goods together with all the other organizations on the Appennino territory. Thanks to their considerable work, today we haveARCA, a precious collection of the landscape features, together with the historical, natural, archaeological, ethnographical and artisanal resources. The long-standing experiences of many entrepreneurs of different areas helped the realization of the project.

The goals are: to valorize the local traditions, in order to give them an international potential; the emergencies of the Appennino’s excellence; the optimization of the resources of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano-Romagnolo area, focusing on the utterly importance of the European guide-lines Bologna/Firenze.

Among the ESA network’s participants partners there are: Cosmoderma Srl, Farmacia Speghini, Podere Cà di Sopra Srl, GEAL SpA, Tacchificio Monti Srl, Pointech Srl, ANM DESIGN Srl, MEDIATICAWEB Srl, Autonomie Locali Srl, Scuderia Jaguar Stor Bertini, APPENNINO AMBIENTE Srl and many others.

To adhere to this important contract network and therefore collaborate in synergy with its ongoing projects, the “one-off” entrance fee of € 1,000.00 must be paid to the following bank details: IT82 W063 8537 0441 0000 0001 676 at Cassa di Savigno in Bologna – Branch of San Benedetto Val di Sambro (BO) with reason: “payment of entrance fee for the ESA contract network – Excellentia Superior Animus”.

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